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You want to maintain your pet’s health for as long possible. Now your beloved pet can also enjoy all the great benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures, so you can keep making those long-lasting memories! 

Each Noble Paws Pet Tincture purchase results in another being donated to a dog or cat in a shelter!

Noble Paws’ premium veterinary tinctures are prepared with a full-spectrum CBD extract that contains a large variety of cannabinoids. Having a full-spectrum tincture dramatically increases the potency of our product through the entourage effect. The tincture is mixed with a bacon flavoring that your pets will love! Noble Paws healthy pet tinctures act upon your pet’s endocannabinoid system to provide relief for:

  • Anxiety
  • Joint and mobility issues
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Increases appetite

Try Noble Paws Pet Tinctures to promote your pet’s overall health!

  • US-grown organic hemp
  • Third-party laboratory tested for quality, safety and potency
  • Bacon flavored
  • Each Noble Paws Pet Tincture purchase results in another being donated to a dog or cat in a shelter!

Benefits of Noble Paws Pet Tincture Bacon Flavor 500 MG

Pets develop diseases and health conditions just like their owners. The difference is that pets can’t describe their symptoms and seek out potential treatments. However, their owners can. In fact, compassionate pet owners can do a number of things to ensure their pets experience the best possible health, like incorporating CBD into their diets.

Many foods and drinks that humans regularly consume can be dangerous, even lethal, to pets. Similarly, many human medications are toxic to pets and shouldn’t be administered without speaking with a vet. CBD, however, is generally considered a safe, well-tolerated treatment for most pets, although the absorption process and optimal dosage vary widely.

CBD is able to offer therapeutic treatment for pets because all animals — vertebrates and invertebrates — have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a biological system that controls numerous essential bodily functions through a network of neurotransmitters and receptors. CBD works by interacting with the ECS and encouraging greater regulation of functions like immune response, appetite, sleep cycles, reproduction, memory, pain response, and more. As a result, there are numerous CBD benefits for pets.

CBD for Pet Anxiety

According to experts, fear and anxiety are the most common reasons for aggression in dogs. Anxiety about a certain or unpleasant outcome can cause dogs to become afraid and act aggressively toward an approaching human or animal. Results of a recent study suggest that CBD treatments could reduce the frequency of dogs’ aggressive behaviors toward humans. Research also indicates that CBD reduces anxiety-related behaviors in mice.

CBD for Pet Pain and Inflammation

In a 2018 study, researchers analyzed survey responses from 2,130 veterinarians regarding their knowledge, experience, and perception of CBD treatments for canine medical conditions. They found that veterinarians observed CBD be most useful in treating chronic pain, followed by acute pain. Veterinarians also observed that CBD could be helpful in treating anxiety and seizures in dogs. Experts say that as many as 20% of dogs experience inflammation-related pain in their lifetimes, which is why many animal lovers buy CBD for pets’ joints.

CBD for Pet Heart Health

Although more research is needed to demonstrate CBD’s efficacy in treating heart disease in cats and dogs, studies suggest CBD may offer substantial cardiovascular benefits to mice. A 2020 study revealed that CBD treatment may be able to offer significant vasculoprotective, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective effects. Additionally, researchers found the CBD may be able to lower stress-induced increases in blood pressure in both humans and animals.

High-Quality, Tasty CBD for Pets

If you’re searching for a natural CBD for pets’ joints, anxiety, heart health, and more, Oliver’s Harvest Noble Paws Pet Tincture is an ideal option. Whether you’re buying CBD oil for pets or humans, it’s essential to find a reputable CBD company that prioritizes quality. This is especially important when considering that many CBD products on the market are plagued by mislabeling and contamination, according to a recent study.

It’s also important to consider palatability. A CBD product that tastes good to your pet will save you both a lot of hassle and discomfort. Oliver’s Harvest Noble Paws Pet Tincture is tasty, bacon-flavored, and packed with high-quality CBD oil. If you have questions about Noble Paws Pet Tincture or a different Oliver’s Harvest product, contact Oliver’s Harvest online or give us a call at 866-634-3134.


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