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Pet Samples

Why not build your pet a bundle while you’re at it? For pet owners who are not sure if they should invest in CBD products for their pets, this is your chance to give it a try before introducing the compound into their lives.

Pet Tincture

Our CBD oil for pets gives your furry little buddies a convenient and delicious way to benefit from the natural properties of CBD. With a rich bacon flavor, our CBD oil for pets is easy to take, making it super simple to include in your pet’s daily routine.

Pet Treats (3-Pack)

Our Sample Peanut Butter CBD dog treats come in 3 small convenient packs offering a tasty and easy way to integrate the natural benefits of CBD. Try these delicious treats before buying the real thing, you won’t be disappointed. Your furry buddy will fall in love with the sweet peanut butter taste and will be puppy eyeing you for more.

Pet Joint Supplement (3-Pack)

Pet owners let’s be honest, it’s never easy to see your pets struggling with age-related complications such as joint problems and limited mobility. The bacon-flavored Pet Joint Supplement is uniquely formulated to support pet joint function. Our formula combines the natural properties of cannabidiol and other ingredients to promote healthy joints and help improve joint aches. Not convinced yet? This sample supplement comes in 3 small packs for you to try before buying the real bottle.


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