Day by day, the beneficial properties of hemp oil are a growing presence in the health care sector. Several studies of Javier Rosado Schmelz, a Mexican physician, researcher, and specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, validate its contributions in helping to restore the balance of the human body.

Human endocannabinoid system

Rosado Schmelz, found after a year and a half of research, that the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the human body and the acupuncture points, coincide in a natural way. This clinical finding allowed Rosado to unite the knowledge of both, Chinese medicine and the benefits of hemp. Regarding this, he developed in Mexico a pioneering technique that consists of dosing organic hemp oil to patients, stimulating their endocannabinoid receptors, which connect with the whole body: central nervous system, peripheral systems, osseous system, muscles, glands, physiological system and cell interaction.

The stimulation allows a natural unblocking of the body, thanks to the consumption of a sublingual dose of cannabinoids (hemp oil) that interact with our endocannabinoid system and let a process known as “homeostasis” to take place, a balance in the mental, emotional and physical body, since cannabinoids adapt to what our system needs.

The properties of cannabinoids are not catalogued as a medicine, but as a supplement that activates and enhances our endocannabinoid system, integrating functions such as reducing inflammation and symptoms, for example in a person suffering from cancer, as the anandamide gland is stimulated, which produces relaxation and de-inflammation, this is why chemotherapy symptoms decrease; all mentioned above, happens thanks to phytocannabinoids, better known as molecules that, upon entering the body, synapse on the cannabinoid receptors of the human body.

To sum up, we can say that when a person needs cannabinoids, symptoms are generated and will later become a disease. This is when hemp oil can be used to balance a person in the physiological, emotional and mental areas.

Cannabinoids decrease aggression cells of any kind, avoiding inflammation, lack of cellular oxygenation that blocks the entry of nutrients and the exit of toxins from the body, this appears when cells are deformed and a disease arises.

The doctor Javier Rosado assures that he has had a 95% effectiveness in the treated cases of depression, stress, anxiety, nerve and muscle pain.

In children with autism, Asperger syndrome, THA, and Down syndrome, it has managed to reduce the doses of drugs and in some cases, remove them.

To be able to change these, sometimes harmful drugs, for organic products such as hemp oil, is something extraordinary because there are no side effects and do not produce dependence, since cannabinoids do not generate any of the previous effects.

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